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Intel IT Center Vendor Spotlight: McAfee

Ed Metcalf explains how McAfee security solutions based on Intel® vPro™ technology deliver added protection against a growing threat landscape by taking security beyond the operating system.

Today’s threat landscape isn’t what it used to be. Cybercriminals are now out to profit in some form or another, whether it’s monetarily or by stealing corporate information, or even by disabling a web site for political reasons. Moreover, the general volume of threats and vulnerabilities is growing exponentially, with nearly 75 million threats recorded in 2011. Making matters worse, the threats are becoming far more sophisticated. Well-funded cybercriminals can afford to use new techniques to develop advanced persistent threats (APTs) that are highly targeted and dangerous.

With an expectation of about 50 billion connected devices by 2020, IT managers must find a way to defend against this—all while keeping in mind that these cybercriminals really just have to find one way in. As the world’s largest dedicated security technology company, McAfee protects consumers and businesses of all sizes from these emerging threats.

Innovation Powered by Intel vPro Technology
Two specific McAfee security solutions leverage Intel® vPro™ technology to help customers gain added protection. First, McAfee* Deep Defender with McAfee DeepSAFE* technology provides security against those stealthy attacks that are so difficult to detect. Deep Defender running DeepSAFE utilizes features within the Intel vPro technology–based hardware to operate beyond the operating system and provide a new perspective on security that, quite frankly, nobody had before.

The second, McAfee ePO* Deep Command, helps organizations better manage security at the hardware level, again beyond the operating system. Deep Command leverages Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), a component of Intel vPro technology that gives administrators the ability to monitor, maintain, repair, and update PCs remotely, regardless of operational state.

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