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Product Brief Network Connectivity

Intel® 82571EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller: Product Brief

The Intelligent Way to Connect

The Intel® 82571EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller is a single, compact component with two fully integrated Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Control(MAC) and physical layer (PHY) ports. This device uses the PCI Express architecture (Rev.1.0a), and also enables a dual-port Gigabit Ethernet implementation in a very small area, which is useful for server and workstation network designs with critical space constraints. The Intel 82571EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller provides two IEEE802.3* Ethernet interfaces for 1000BASE-T,100BASE-TX, and 10BASE-T applications. Both ports also integrate a Serializer-Deserializer(SerDes) to support 1000BASE-SX or 1000BASE-LX (optical fiber) and Gigabit backplane applications. In addition to managing MAC and PHY Ethernet layer functions, the controller manages PCI Express packet traffic across its transaction, link, and physical/logical layers.

On-Board Management Features

The on-board System Management Bus (SMB)and Fast Management Link (FML) ports of the Intel 82571EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller enable network manageability implementations required by IT personnel for remote control and for alerting via the LAN. With SMB, management network packets can be routed to or from a management processor. The SMB port enables industry standards, such as the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and Alert Standard Format (ASF) 2.0, to be implemented using the controller. In addition, connecting to management processor via the controller’s FML port allows higher-speed management traffic, such as keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) data, to be sent via the LAN to a remote management console. Both SMB and FML operation use the standard SMB protocol and allow enhanced pass-through implementations using standardized interfaces.

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