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Energy-efficient Advantage

Intelligent Intel® technology is the foundation for energy efficient solutions.

Green Power Partner

Video: Green Power Partner menunjukkan bagaimana inovasi dan keberlanjutan lingkungan bergandengan tangan.

Intel® Architecture: Enable the Smart Grid

Intel® Xeon® processors make distributed-intelligence possible. Since components are connected, redistributing stored energy is more efficient.

Intel dan Lingkungan: Ubah Dunia dan Selamatkan Planet

Lihat bagaimana peranan Intel dalam membantu memecahkan masalah lingkungan saat ini.  

Technology's Role in Developing the Integrated Cities of Tomorrow

Video features Intel partners with imagination and innovation generating a better balance of life by creating solutions for tomorrow today.

IoT Innovation: Living Labs and Service Creation

Intel®-based IoT smart city apps demo API service creation for industrial lighting, and living labs environmental data monitoring in city parks.

Renewable Energy Power from Offshore Wind Turbines

Video shows how Intel meets the global challenge for wind energy's reliable remote technology, maximizing availability and minimizing cost.

Cyber-security for the Energy Industry

Safeguarding Enterprises and Critical Infrastructure in the Energy Industry

Internet of Things for the Energy Industry

Transforming the Energy Industry with the Internet of Things

McAfee: Critical Infrastructure Protection

Guide: Describes challenges facing critical infrastructure protection and McAfee’s solutions: product integration, services, and partnerships.

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