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Internet of Things (IoT): Smart Transportation

IoT smart transportation solutions based on Intel® technology build intelligence into your fleet and logistics systems for better travel experiences.

Simple, Effective Solutions for Retailers

Discover secure, flexible Intel® solutions for retailers that help connect your organization’s channels and systems for an experience customers love.

Permainan Game yang Cepat dan Bagus dengan Raptr* dan Iris™ Pro Graphics

Lihat bagaimana Raptr* dan Iris™ Pro Graphics mengoptimalkan pengaturan grafis PC untuk memperbaiki pengalaman bermain game dengan perekaman dan penyiaran dengan pengaruh yang minimal.

Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (Intel® XMP) dan Meng- overclock RAM

Intel® XMP memungkinkan Anda meng- overclock memori RAM DDR3/DDR4 dengan prosesor Intel® yang tak terkunci agar kinerjanya melebihi standar, sehingga tercipta kinerja game paling baik.

Cara meng- overclock CPU Anda dengan Prosesor Intel® yang Tidak Terkunci

Ketahui cara meng- overclock CPU Anda dengan Prosesor Intel® Core™ yang tidak terkunci, dengan alat tingkat pemula dan tingkat canggih untuk meningkatkan kinerja PC game Anda.

Capitalizing on IoT with an Intel® IoT Gateway Starter Kit

Case Study: Intel® IoT Gateway Starter Kit can help transform business by revealing insights through data for operational clarity, and manageability.

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Increasing Food Production with the Internet of Things

White Paper: Abbaco Controls uses IoT technologies from Intel and Kontron to deploy a water management system that helps increase food production.

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Make Freight Smarter with Intel® Architecture: Video

Intel® Architecture enables smarter freight in the next generation of intelligent field instrumentation. (Apr. 2016)

Connected Transportation and Logistics

Intel is shaping the future of transportation systems through technology innovation.

Shop for Toshiba Devices with Intel® Wireless-AC

Explore Toshiba devices with Intel® Wireless-AC, including 2 in 1s, notebooks, and other devices featuring 802.11ac Wi-Fi* capabilities.