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Internet of Things (IoT): Smart Transportation

IoT smart transportation solutions based on Intel® technology build intelligence into your fleet and logistics systems for better travel experiences.

Simple, Effective Solutions for Retailers

Discover secure, flexible Intel® solutions for retailers that help connect your organization’s channels and systems for an experience customers love.

Permainan Game yang Cepat dan Bagus dengan Raptr* dan Iris™ Pro Graphics

Lihat bagaimana Raptr* dan Iris™ Pro Graphics mengoptimalkan pengaturan grafis PC untuk memperbaiki pengalaman bermain game dengan perekaman dan penyiaran dengan pengaruh yang minimal.

Cara meng- overclock CPU Anda dengan Prosesor Intel® yang Tidak Terkunci

Ketahui cara meng- overclock CPU Anda dengan Prosesor Intel® Core™ yang tidak terkunci, dengan alat tingkat pemula dan tingkat canggih untuk meningkatkan kinerja PC game Anda.

Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (Intel® XMP) dan Meng- overclock RAM

Intel® XMP memungkinkan Anda meng- overclock memori RAM DDR3/DDR4 dengan prosesor Intel® yang tak terkunci agar kinerjanya melebihi standar, sehingga tercipta kinerja game paling baik.

Increasing Food Production with the Internet of Things

White Paper: Abbaco Controls uses IoT technologies from Intel and Kontron to deploy a water management system that helps increase food production.

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Capitalizing on IoT with an Intel® IoT Gateway Starter Kit

Case Study: Intel® IoT Gateway Starter Kit can help transform business by revealing insights through data for operational clarity, and manageability.

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Make Freight Smarter with Intel® Architecture: Video

Intel® Architecture enables smarter freight in the next generation of intelligent field instrumentation. (Apr. 2016)

Connected Transportation and Logistics

Intel is shaping the future of transportation systems through technology innovation.

Intel® Wireless-N 7260 Plus Bluetooth*

Combined with 4th generation Intel ® Core™ processors, the Intel® Wireless-N 7260 Bluetooth* adapter offers faster speeds and greater range.