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Produk Intel® Desktop

Produk Intel® desktop dilengkapi prosesor Intel® generasi ke-4 yang menawarkan kinerja adaptif dan kemampuan visual bawaan.

NCR Corporation 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Testimonial

NCR Corporation shares why they create 3rd gen Intel® Core™ processor-based transaction retail solutions to support their innovation strategy.

Prosesor Intel® Core™ vPro™

Prosesor Intel® Core™ vPro™ generasi ke-4 dilengkapi keamanan tertanam yang memberikan perlindungan tak tertandingi untuk data bisnis serta klien Anda.

Game Apps for All-in-Ones

Play arcade classics, puzzle, strategy, and more game apps, reimagined for all-in-one touch for solo or multi-player interactive fun.

Entertainment Apps for All-in-Ones

Unwind your own way—watch movies, listen to music, connect with friends, and more—via entertainment apps designed for the all-in-one multi-touch PC.

Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework for Virtual Shopping Solution

Solution Brief: Virtual shopping solution with Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework brings products to life via interactive in-store signage systems.

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Create Smarter, Connected, Customer-Focused Businesses

Discover how Intel®-based platforms help businesses focus on their customers and streamline operations to deliver experiences that drive sales.

Retail Implementation Solution Partners

Lists retail solution implementation providers supporting the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework, with integrators, network operators, and more.

Intel® Intelligent Systems: Smarter Embedded Solutions

Discover the world of embedded innovation with Intel's intelligent systems solutions and find resources for developers in the Intel® EDC.

PCI/PCIx-based Intel® 8254x Gigabit Ethernet Controller Family

Find PCI*/PCIx-based Intel® 8254x Gigabit Ethernet Controller family product briefs, software drivers, and specs with reduced power usage benefits.