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Intel® Ethernet CNA X710 & XL710 SR-IOV Configuration Guide: Brief

Intel's 40 GbE solutions are available with I/O Virtualization capabilities and support with Linux distributions in a single adapter. (v.1, Aug. 2015)

Pratinjau | Unduh

Intel® IOT Gateways: Watchdog Timer: App Note

A watchdog timer is a hardware monitoring tool that prompts system recovery after a failure with a simple pinging mechanism. (v.1, Jul. 2015)

Pratinjau | Unduh

Intel® IoT Gateway—Wind River* IDP XT 2.0, RCPL29: Release Notes

Release Notes: Describes instructions for downloading and installing the Intel® IoT Gateway Wind River* IDP XT 2.0, RCPL29 update. (v.1, Aug. 2015)

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Tech Today, Episode 3—Powering the Internet of Things

Tech Today episode 3 explores how IoT improves public transportation, makes freight more efficient, and enables life-saving decisions.

Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI

Zip file: The following specifications for the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI are available for download

AutoBeat Insider Interviews Intel’s Elliot Garbus on IoT

Intel’s Automotive Solutions Division GM Elliot Garbus discusses the role of IoT in making driving safer and saving automakers money with AutoBeat.

Telecom Benefits of Network Functions Virtualization

White Paper: Benefits of network functions virtualization in telecom reference architecture address ETSI virtualization use cases. (v.1, Feb. 2014)

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Carrier Cloud Telecoms: Virtualization and SDN Challenges

White Paper: Describes Intel and Tieto’s Carrier Cloud Telecoms initiative, challenges, and approaches, including a virtualization proof of concept.

Pratinjau | Unduh

Network Infrastructure Security and Appliances

Improve network infrastructure security and scalability by consolidating routing and network services on Intel® architecture-based platforms.

Media Processing

As mobile devices become more sophisticated, innovative architecture from Intel helps improve the user experience.