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Healthcare Policies and Standards

Intel collaborates with healthcare providers, other companies, and policymakers on innovative new products and solutions.

Intel and Conflict-Free Minerals

Learn about Intel’s efforts to achieve a conflict-free supply chain by driving accountability, encouraging broad action, and in-region sourcing.

Contact Us: Privacy

Isilah formulir ini dengan pertanyaan atau umpan balik, selanjutnya perwakilan Intel akan segera mencari jawaban dan menanggapi secara langsung melalui email.

Persyaratan Penggunaan Intel

Persyaratan Penggunaan Intel mencakup deskripsi untuk mengakses dan menggunakan Situs Web dan Materi Intel Corporation ("Intel").

Intel® Embedded Design Center Privacy Statement

Review the Intel® Embedded Design Center privacy statement to understand how Intel collects, uses, and safeguards the data collected from members.

EICC Letter 2011

Letter: as a full member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), Intel Corporation fully supports the vision and goals of the EICC within the global operations.

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Intel Public Policy: Communications and Broadband

Intel promotes communications policies that encourage deployment of wireless, wired broadband services.

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Intel Public Policy: Standards

Public Policy: Standards development process for the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

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"Conflict Free" Supply Chain in Democratic Republic of Congo

White paper explains how Intel strives for “Conflict Free” supply chain for metals from Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Intel Public Policy: Environment and Energy

Public Policy: Intel works with governments worldwide to help shape progressive, practical environment and energy policies.

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