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Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM) Software

Real-time management of content across digital consumer touchpoints

Intel® Retail Client Manager software

Manage your digital content for point-of-sale, digital signage, kiosk, and intelligent vending.

Creating more valuable consumer experiences—and retail sales opportunities

In today’s ultra competitive retail landscape, delivering valuable customer experiences is everything. And when making the kind of relevant customer connections that drive action on the sales floor, timing is everything. That’s why digital signage has evolved into such a powerful consumer touchpoint. From digital posters and interactive kiosks, to intelligent vending machines and point-of-sale devices, retailers can deliver more targeted, engaging brand experiences, and capture critical sales opportunities when and where they matter most. And with the retail marketplace being driven more and more by technology, Intel®-based solutions provide the flexibility, manageability, and security needed to engage customers at every touchpoint.

Reach the right audience with the right message at the right time

Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM) is the intelligent software solution that enables you to deliver digital content to every screen with greater impact, when and where it matters most. Reach targeted audience segments with the right message at the right time. Remotely manage your marketing campaign in near real-time. And launch customized content on the fly, to quickly and easily deliver a richer brand experience.


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use platform
  • Intelligent tools for controlling the delivery of marketing content in near real-time
  • Manage your campaigns remotely
  • Capture time-critical sales opportunities
  • Engage targeted audience segments using Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite)
  • Customize content on the fly
  • Receive real-time error reports
  • Control individual consumer digital touchpoints, dedicated channels, or entire media networks at once using Intel® AMT
  • Create content using any combination of video, images, and sound
  • Deploy marketing content more cost-effectively, without high distribution and printing costs

Powerful, intuitive, and simple to use

Intel® Retail Client Manager allows you to manage every element of your digital marketing content with ease. Use any combination of HD video, web content, images, flash or HTML5 animation, and audio, and stream to some or all of your digital networks. Customize network channel displays according to demographic information or other parameters with the unique Categorization Engine. And do it with the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs in real-time. The tools you need to deliver more powerful digital consumer touchpoints are at your fingertips with Intel® RCM.

Save time and money

Intel® RCM gives you the flexibility to deploy more dynamic campaigns faster and more cost-effectively. Put an end to high distribution and printing costs, and to waiting for insertion deadlines and television schedules. Plan, create, and launch campaign lifespans, targeted deliveries, and real-time promotions without limitations. Digital signage networks are simple to use, inexpensive to maintain, and can provide real return on investment (ROI). Accurately track marketing costs to the point of purchase. Use, reuse, and interchange all forms of digital content to suit changing needs. Intel® RCM also provides audit trails and administration support.

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