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Peer Research Desktop Virtualization Insights for IT Strategic Planning Intel’s IT Manager Survey on Desktop Virtualization Why you should read this document: This report describes key findings from a survey of 200 IT professionals that can inform your desktop virtualization planning, including the following: • Sixty percent are making significant financial investments in desktop virtualization. • Increasing client security is a top driver to implementation. • User productivity tops the list of how IT professionals will measure return on investment. • More than half of respondents see cost as a major barrier to implementation. Desktop Intel’s on Desktop IT Virtualization Manager Virtualization Earns Survey Its Stripes Contents 3 About This Report 4 Executive Summary 6 KeyDriversandBenefitsof Desktop Virtualization 9 Strategic Value, Level of Investment, and ROI 12 Delivery Models and Vendors 15 Barriers to Implementation 17 Convincing Upper Management 19 Conclusion 20 Appendix: Methodology and Audience 2 Intel IT Center | Desktop Virtualization Earns Its Stripes Intel’s IT Manager Survey on Desktop Virtualization About This Report While most industry buzz about virtualization has centered on servers, IT organizations havealsokepttheirsightsonthepotentialbenefitsofdesktopvirtualization.With servervirtualizationnowamainstreamITpractice,wewantedtofindoutwhat progress IT professionals have made with virtualization on the client side. 1 We surveyed 200 IT professionals about a wide variety of desktop virtualization topics, including the business and technology drivers behind their implementation plans, how they plan to measure return on investment (ROI), and which delivery models and software vendors they are considering. The aim of this report is to provide benchmarking data you can use in your own desktop virtualization planning. The results of our survey are detailed in this report. The goal is to provide benchmarking data about how your peers are approaching desktop virtualization so that you can use this data in your own IT planning efforts. 1 Survey respondents are IT professionals in organizations of 100 to 1,000-plus employees across a variety of industries. See “Appendix” for detailed information on the respondentprofile. 3 Intel IT Center | Desktop Virtualization Earns Its Stripes Intel’s IT Manager Survey on Desktop Virtualization Executive Summary: Desktop Virtualization Key to IT’s Strategic Plans The IT professionals in our survey represent companies across the continuum of desktop virtualization experience, from having already implemented (31 percent) or being in the process of implementing a solution (32 percent) to currently evaluating (30 percent) or planning to evaluate a solution in the future (7 percent). Among this group, desktop virtualization is becoming a strategic IT practice that plays an important part in their overall IT environment. • Ninety percent say that desktop virtualization plays either a foundational role or a strong role in their larger IT initiatives. • Respondents place a high value on the role of desktop virtualization in their strategic plans as a whole, giving it a mean and median score of 6 on a scale of 1 to 7. Role of Desktop Virtualization in IT Initiatives (n=200) Strong Role 67% No Role 1% Small Role 9% Foundation 23% Key Finding: Desktop virtualization is becoming a strategic IT practice. Which of the following best represents Read the full SEPTEMBER 2011.

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