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Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2200 for Desktop

Experience better Wi-Fi (desktop or all-in-one PCs) and Intel® features for your connected life

Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2200

Delivers enhanced Wi-Fi performance with innovative Intel-only features. This dual-stream (2x2), single-band, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi product with Wi-Fi Direct* combines better speed (up to 300 Mbps1), range, and reliability with Intel® Smart Connect Technology, Intel® Wireless Display, and Intel® My WiFi Dashboard.

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Features and benefits

Multi-stream, single band

Delivers premium Wi-Fi speed (up to 300 Mbps), greater range, and more reliability.

Energy efficient

Optimized power modes during periods of inactivity saves battery life for greater mobility and convenience.

Wi-Fi Direct*

Enables Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect directly without WLAN or hotspot access.

Intel® Smart Connect Technology2

Automatically updates important content and can identify access points while asleep for quicker Internet access on resume.

Intel® Wireless Display3

Enjoy all of your personal and online content on a big screen with a simple wireless connection.

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1. Based on the theoretical maximum enabled by 2x2 802.11n implementations with 2 spatial streams. Actual wireless throughput and/or range will vary depending on your specific operating system, hardware and software configurations. Check with your PC manufacturer for details.

2. Intel® Smart Connect Technology membutuhkan prosesor Intel® tertentu, perangkat lunak Intel® dan pembaruan BIOS, adaptor Nirkabel Intel®, dan sambungan internet. Memori atau drive solid-state mungkin dibutuhkan. Hasil dapat beragam, tergantung pada konfigurasi sistem. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, hubungi produsen sistem Anda.

3. Membutuhkan sistem berkemampuan Intel® WiDi dan perangkat penerima berkemampuan Intel® WiDi. 1080p dan Blu-ray* atau pemutaran konten terlindungi lainnya hanya tersedia pada PC berbasis prosesor Intel® Core™ generasi ketiga atau keempat dengan visual internal diaktifkan, perangkat penerima dan pemutar media yang kompatibel, serta driver grafis dan perangkat lunak Intel® WiDi terinstal yang mendukung. Hubungi produsen PC Anda. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/intel-wireless-display.html.