Advanced Wi-Fi Solution Optimized for Home Networks

Intel’s 5th generation chipset for 802.11ac access point technology.

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Wi-Fi has become ubiquitous in the home, and Intel offers the only Wi-Fi solution in the marketplace that can support aggregated Gigabit speeds in a multi-client environment with up to 128 clients simultaneously.1 This offers our customers exceptional performance to meet the needs of today’s connected home infrastructure and scalability to handle the expected rapid growth of the number of connected devices in the home.

The Intel® Home WiFi Chipset WAV500 series is engineered to deliver best-in-class throughput rates for a mix of small and large packet sizes for Cable, xDSL, Fiber, and consumer retail gateways to help ensure optimal performance across devices and applications. It is optimized for the Intel® AnyWAN™ SoCs and Intel® Puma™ 7 Family to fully offload the wireless functionality with zero CPU utilization, freeing the CPU performance for advanced services such as security, analytics, photo/video hosting, and cloud storage while delivering a consistent user experience.

Improved Speed
The WAV500 series provides 802.11ac speeds of up to 1733 Mbps, enabling providers to deliver up to eight times faster Wi-Fi speeds than 802.11n. This allows for smoother streaming of higher resolution 4k videos, fewer dropped connections, less congestion, and higher speeds for remote clients. With beam-forming, MU-MIMO, and dynamic bandwidth control, the WAV500 series also offers the highest aggregated throughput in the industry.1 As the number of wireless clients in the home increases, it is critical to deliver robust throughput to each client separately.

Larger Capacity
The WAV500 series introduces a new chip architecture that obtains and optimizes each transmission to enhance the total network efficiency. When running small to medium packet sizes in Internet MIX (IMIX) traffic scenarios, the WAV500 series outperforms competitive solutions.2 It also includes advanced airtime fairness, highly intelligent band steering technologies, and traffic shaping to enable high-quality video transmissions and management of the home network.

Better Coverage
The WAV500 series utilizes various data transmission techniques to provide enhanced reach and coverage, including Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC), Maximum Likelihood decoders, linear decoders, and Space-Time Block Coding (STBC) linked with explicit and implicit beamforming techniques.

Superior Interference Rejection
The WAV500 series uses advanced radio frequency technology to deliver robust interference rejection of other Wi-Fi interference and non-Wi-Fi noise such as LTE, Bluetooth® technology, and ZigBee.

Informasi Produk dan Performa


Perbandingan throughput agregat dari seri WAV500 dan chipset Wi-Fi serupa, dalam Modul IXIA IxVeriWave* WaveBlade* Wi-Fi.


Perbandingan throughput UDP dari seri WAV500 dan chipset Wi-Fi serupa dalam Modul IXIA IxVeriWave* WaveBlade* Wi-Fi.