Converged Networking: 10GBASE-T Fibre Channel Over Ethernet

The Next Generation of Converged Networking: Fibre Channel over Ethernet Using 10GBASE-T

The City of Pforzheim, Germany, has a forward-looking IT division that has used virtualization to simplify its data center while meeting the growing demands of city operations. Building on that progress, the organization is now looking better support its virtualized infrastructure by combining the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of converged LAN and storage traffic with the flexibility of 10GBASE-T.

To modernize its data center, Pforzheim has used VMware vSphere* and Cisco hardware, such as Nexus* 5000 Series switches, achieving outstanding results. These virtualization efforts have provided server consolidation that allows for growing application demands to be supported cost-effectively. The city’s IT organization has also simplified its environment and realized cost savings by unifying its LAN and storage fabrics using Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). This approach provides dependable, high-performance access to storage, providing robust support for virtualized usage models based on live migration of virtual machines between physical hosts.

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