Accelerate the Transformation to Autonomous Operations

Enabling learning machines from edge to cloud.

From factory and process automation to energy infrastructure and machine vision systems, your industrial products help improve our world. Your products have to be safe, reliable, adaptable, and built to last. At the same time, business success requires you act quickly to differentiate in a highly competitive market while driving down total cost.

With Intel's innovative programmable solutions at the heart of your industrial designs, you are equipped to tackle the key challenges:

  • Adapting quickly and cost effectively to evolving end markets and standards
  • Meeting and escalating performance requirements across product lines
  • Lowering system development and bill-of-materials cost through increased design integration



Intel® FPGA and SoC industrial automation solutions enable industrial system designers to reduce costs and time to market significantly for factory automation system designs.

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Embedded Vision

Smart vision solutions must address applications on the edge, at the fog level, and finally in the cloud. This encompasses the use of image databases created offline by deep learning algorithms as well as video analytics that must achieve high levels of accuracy and perform in real time. Intel® FPGA and SoC solutions provide a rapid development path with the flexibility to adapt to evolving challenges and solutions for a wide range of video and intelligent vision applications.

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Smart Energy

Designing smart grid automation equipment and renewable energy sources is far from simple. With a single Intel® FPGA or SoC, you can better meet evolving standards for your design while increasing performance and scalability demands for mission-critical system functions like the control loop, grid communications, network redundancy, and security.

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Industrial IoT

Industry is undergoing the 4th era of automation in which the physical world, equipped with more advanced computing capabilities, and machine learning algorithms, is brought closer to the cloud. Intel® FPGA technology will be fundamental to delivering the value demanded of industrial systems within this software-defined automation environment.

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Accelerating Innovation in Industrial Applications

In three minutes, see how Intel® FPGAs enable Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) across a wide variety of industrial applications like industrial automation, smart energy, and intelligent vision.

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Committed to Long Industrial Life Cycles

Demonstrating its commitment to the Industrial marketplace, Intel leads the competition in providing the industry's longest lifecycles for FPGA products. Typical product life cycles for our devices is 15+ years, demonstrating a strong track record of reducing End-of-Life (EOL)-induced obsolescence risk for our customers.

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Single-Chip Cloud-Enabled PLC for Industry 4.0

Learn how you can realize a PLC, HMI, and Industrial Networking Gateway enabled with secure communications with enterprise over OPC-UA, with OpenSSL* Security accelerated up to 4x in hardware. Best of all, the heavy lifting is already done for you in the form of an integrated Micro System-on-Module less than half the size of your credit card.

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Multi-Axis Motion Control Acceleration

Watch a single-chip acceleration of precision multi-axis motion control with integrated EtherCAT communication enabled by a Cyclone® V SoC device from Intel. Applications include Industrial Robotics Pick and Place, Inspection, Welding, and Servo Drives.

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Delivering Reliable Smart Grid Communications with PRP/HSR FPGA Switch

Learn how use a PRP/HSR switch to deliver reliable smart grid communication.

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Accelerating innovation with devices, tools, and IP.


Includes documentation regarding devices, IP Cores, white papers, and reference designs.

Intel® FPGA Design Services

Accelerate your time to market now with the Intel® FPGA turn-key video & vision design services.

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