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EOL Announce
Monday, July 29, 2019
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Friday, July 3, 2020
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Monday, October 5, 2020
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(1) Front panel cable, 360mm, for R1000SPO systems(1) Front panel cable, 350mm, for P4000XXSFDR chassis (1) USB cable, 690mm, for R1000SPO systems(1) USB cable, 690mm, for P4000XXSFDR chassis, ROHS free(1) Power cable, 40mm, 2x4 to 2x2 pin adaptor cable, for backplane in R1304SPOSHBN(1) Power cable, 360mm, for 2x SSDs under R1304SPOSHOR chassis front cover(1) SATA cable, 185mm, 7pin to right angle, for onboard M.2 connector(1) SATA cable, 250mm, for ODD drive in R1304SPOSHBN/R1304SPOSHOR systems(1) SATA cable, 390mm, for first SSD drive in R1304SPOSHBN/R1304SPOSHOR systems (under chassis front cover)(1) SATA cable, 490mm, for second SSD drive in R1304SPOSHBN/R1304SPOSHOR systems (under chassis front cover). Also for R1208SPOSHOR ODD. (1) Serial port cable, 75mm, for R1000SPO systems.(1) I2C cable, 250mm, for R1304SPOSHBN/R1304SPOSHOR backplane(1) I2C cable, 350mm, for R1208SPOSHOR backplane

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Electrical spare kit for Intel(R) Server System R1304SPOSHBN/R1304SPOSHOR/R1208SPOSHOR Intel(R) Server Chassis P4000XXSFDR