Mona Vij

Intel Labs / Principal Engineer

Research Areas:

  • Algorithms, Architecture

  • Artificial Intelligence(AI), BIOS / Firmware

  • Block Chain, Client Computing Systems

  • Cloud Computing Systems, Compilers & Software Tools

  • Distributed Systems



Mona Vij is a Principal Engineer and Cloud and Data Center Security Research Manager at Intel Labs, where she focuses on Scalable Confidential Computing for end-to-end Cloud to Edge security. Mona received her Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Delhi, India.

Mona leads the research engagements on Trusted execution with a number of universities. Her research has been featured in journals and conferences including USNIX OSDI, USENIX ATC and ACM ASPLOS, among others. Mona's research interests primarily include trusted computing, virtualization, device drivers and operating systems.