Accelerating Adoption of Software Defined IT Infrastructure

Intel and Citrix* are delivering solutions for IT Managers to fulfill the promise of a Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI).

Collaborating in Technology Leadership

Intel and Citrix* have a long collaboration that has a demonstrated track record for introducing innovations that enable IT managers to support their imperatives with the speed and agility demanded by rapidly changing business needs.

Our joint solutions touch clients, network, and servers that support your enterprise IT infrastructure. We collaborate on a wide range of technology initiatives spanning mobility, rich graphics virtualization, network transformation, to more securely deliver applications and data to today’s highly mobile workforce.

Cloud Workstations Deliver Great User Experience for All Users

Engineering and content creation applications that once only ran on desk-side workstations are now running in the data center. On the other hand high-end engineering applications are not the only workloads the require graphics processing. In today’s work environment, most common office tasks, including browsers require graphics processing to deliver a good user experience.

IT departments are challenged to deliver greater user experiences to an increasingly mobile workforce while keeping data secure and allowing seamless collaborations across geographies. Intel and Citrix* have collaborated closely to address these needs by providing innovative, cost effective solutions using Citrix XenApp* and XenDesktop*.

Accelerating Network Transformation

Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) are key to empowering IT managers to meet the demands of rapidly changing business needs. As a result, network services are rapidly moving from fixed function hardware to generic servers. These new infrastructures are key to supporting emerging trends that are rapidly gaining adoption like Network Function Virtualization.

The close technical association between Intel and Citrix* ensures uncompromising application performance and security as we work together to deliver Citrix Netscaler* networking appliances for ADC, Firewalls, Gateways, SD-WAN, and Network Management.

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