Premium PC Performance for the Modern Business

Empower employee productivity and support a mobile workforce with the right business PC for the job.

Features for Business PC Performance:

  • Ultraportable laptops are getting ever closer to the anytime, anywhere computing ideal your distributed workforce seeks.

  • The latest business PC platforms balance processor speed, battery life, connectivity, and mobility.

  • Today’s PCs have features for ultrafast data analysis, data visualization, and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity on a platform that is built for business.


Workers expect ready access to devices that are efficient, secure, and portable. IT decision-makers can meet these demands with a business PC fleet that gives mobile workforces the performance, trust, and connectivity to realize productive employee experiences.

Powering a Productive and Mobile Workforce

The PC remains the primary tool for getting the job done, regardless of the industry in which your business operates. One recent survey showed that 80 percent of business users prefer using a PC over a tablet or smartphone for office productivity.1

Business PC performance has tremendous impact on employee productivity. Employees lose up to a workday each year just waiting for their three-plus-year-old computer to boot up2 and are up to 12 percent less productive on PCs that are three or more years old, resulting in a potential estimated cost of USD 7,794 per year, per user.3

Whether employees work on-site or remotely, they need to keep up with fast-moving business demands. To ease their path, IT executives and professionals must make critical technology decisions to ensure their PC fleets perform efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively.

Dynamic Workplaces

Your workforce has expectations that pose new challenges for those making the organization’s technology decisions. Employees in diverse business environments want easy access to the right devices for their jobs—tools that enable them to collaborate, contribute, and stay in the flow to be more productive. They expect reliable devices that are easy to use and don’t interrupt their work.

As a result, today’s competitive businesses need innovative PC platform solutions that can significantly enhance performance across the organization. Your IT decision-makers must meet these new challenges while also continually monitoring the rate of technology change and delivering on initiatives that can move the business forward in a data-centric era.

Mobile workforces and rising employee expectations are driving the need for accelerated business PC performance.

Choosing a Platform Built for Business

Because business users have different needs than everyday consumers, it’s important to choose business-grade PCs that can deliver performance plus security, manageability, and stability to keep employees productive and in the flow. A holistic PC platform helps businesses meet their IT objectives in several ways:

  • Equipping employees with the right device form factor to match their job responsibilities helps enhance productivity. A geologist working in the field, for example, requires a laptop with durability features, while a salesperson’s laptop needs to be lightweight, have a long battery life, and support Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.
  • Providing PC fleet support that helps IT teams shift away from manual on-site service calls to proactive, remote maintenance adds productivity-enhancing efficiency.
  • Executing remote troubleshooting and updates can minimize downtime and reduce support tickets.
  • Enhancing mobility and connectivity supports data-intensive applications and workloads on both sides of the corporate firewall in a more mobile than ever—and cloud-driven—world.
  • Applying automation for security features and policies helps IT teams keep pace with evolving threats.

Besides offering a performance boost, new PCs can help IT teams manage costs. According to an IDC report, PCs that are four years old or older can cost organizations 37 percent more in maintenance costs than younger PCs.1

The key to deploying a PC platform that is built for today’s dynamic business environments is a PC fleet that exploits leading-edge technologies. Older equipment requires more support time and cost, and it represents an increased risk in cybersecurity threats that are exacerbated by mobile workforces.

By choosing a PC platform that meets the requirements above, your organization gains a scalable, reliable foundation to deliver a premium user experience—so your business can focus on other strategic priorities.

Performance Benefits of the Intel vPro® Platform

The Intel vPro® platform delivers out-of-the-box business-class performance to power productivity, analyze data fast, simplify connectivity, and extend battery life. A 2019 study by Forrester Consulting commissioned by Intel found that 81 percent of IT managers surveyed reported improved user productivity by deploying new Intel vPro® platform-based devices.4 With new business laptops and business PCs powered by the Intel vPro® platform, IT and users reap the full benefits of the platform across all form factors, allowing users to choose the device that best fits their unique needs.

Business-Class PC Performance & Productivity5

Intel® Core™ vPro® processors are ready for what’s next with fast processor speeds so your end users can analyze data, share information, and predict patterns fast. A PC with the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro® processor delivers up to 27% faster productivity 6 7 and up to 52% better Microsoft Office performance8, compared to a three-year-old PC.

Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity

No longer do workers need to be tethered by Ethernet cables. Integrated Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) offers businesses and employees fast connections to not only work from anywhere, but also enjoy premium experiences with a connection strong enough to support the most bandwidth-demanding apps such as video conferencing or content creation. Intel vPro® platform based laptops with integrated Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) provide nearly 3x faster speeds9, next generation WPA3 Wi-Fi security features10, and up to 4x greater capacity for more stable connections, even in dense environments.11

Long Battery Life

Extended battery life in ultraportable laptops and thin and light mobile systems offer even more flexibility. Whether employees are in the office or at a remote location, they have the option of leaving their power cords behind, thanks to long battery life that helps ensure a productive workday.

Fast Data Analysis and Visualization

Businesses that refresh systems can take advantage of Intel vPro® platform capabilities to gain out-of-the-box, business-class performance that enables fast data analysis, data transformation, and data visualization.

Unrivaled Business Class Collaboration7

Users can experience up to 41% faster Office productivity during a video call12 on the 11th Gen Intel® vPro® platform.

Windows* 10 Optimization

The Intel vPro® platform can help you make the most of your Windows* 10 migration. Intel-powered devices with integrated security solutions can help combat cyberthreats and support biometric identity-based logins. And with simple and seamless remote manageability, IT teams can more easily manage a diverse fleet of devices. With a Windows* 10-optimized deployment, you can help boost productivity and security while supporting form factor flexibility.

Informasi Produk dan Performa


"Karyawan menghabiskan satu hari kerja per tahun hanya untuk menunggu komputernya menyala” adalah hasil survei berbasis web pada tahun 2018, ditugaskan oleh Intel, dan dilakukan oleh J.Gold Associates, LLC., terhadap 3.297 responden usaha kecil di 16 negara (Australia, Kanada, Cina, Prancis, Jerman, India, Italia, Jepang, Meksiko, Arab Saudi, Afrika Selatan, Spanyol, Turki, UEA, Inggris, dan AS), untuk menilai tantangan dan biaya yang terkait dengan penerapan PC lama. Dengan anggapan satu penyalaan per hari dan menggunakan rata-rata waktu menyala yang dihitung berdasarkan titik tengah perkiraan waktu yang diperlukan responden survei untuk menyalakan PC berusia lebih dari empat tahun, karyawan diperkirakan menghabiskan hingga delapan jam setahun untuk menyalakan PC berusia tiga tahun (2,90 menit untuk menyala x 1 penyalaan per hari x 5 hari seminggu x 52 minggu setahun / 60 (untuk menghitung jam) x kecepatan utilisasi 0,67 = 8,46 jam per tahun). Untuk meninjau statistik dan laporan lengkapnya, kunjungi


“Produktivitas karyawan berkurang sebanyak 12 persen jika menggunakan PC yang berusia lebih dari tiga tahun, sehingga menimbulkan biaya sebesar $7.794 per tahun, per pengguna” adalah hasil survei berbasis web pada tahun 2018, ditugaskan oleh Intel, dan dilakukan oleh J.Gold Associates, LLC., terhadap 3.297 responden usaha kecil di 16 negara (Australia, Kanada, Cina, Prancis, Jerman, India, Italia, Jepang, Meksiko, Arab Saudi, Afrika Selatan, Spanyol, Turki, UEA, Inggris, dan AS), untuk menilai tantangan dan biaya yang terkait dengan penerapan PC tua. Responden survei memperkirakan bahwa dengan PC berumur lebih dari tiga tahun, produktivitas karyawan akan berkurang hingga 12,99 persen—berdasarkan pada asumsi gaji rata-rata karyawan sebesar USD 60.000, kerugian atas hilangnya produktivitas akan senilai USD 7.794. Untuk meninjau statistik dan laporan lengkapnya, kunjungi


Total Economic Impact™ dari platform Intel vPro®, sebuah studi yang ditugaskan oleh Intel dan dilaksanakan oleh Forrester Consulting (Desember 2018). Penghematan yang akan diperoleh organisasi lain akan bervariasi berdasarkan berbagai faktor, termasuk ukuran dan tingkat dasar keamanan, keterkelolaan, dan produktivitas sebelum bisnis beralih ke platform Intel vPro®. Rujuk sumber lain dan gunakan informasi spesifik organisasi Anda untuk menentukan manfaatnya bagi organisasi Anda. Baca studi selengkapnya di Biaya dan hasil Anda mungkin berbeda.


Untuk beban kerja dan konfigurasi kunjungi Hasil dapat berbeda.


Sebagaimana diukur oleh alur kerja Microsoft Office 365 Prosesor Intel® Core™ vPro® i7-1185G7 Generasi ke-11 vs Prosesor Intel® Core™ vPro® i7-8650U Generasi ke-8.


Di PC tipis dan ringan berbasis Windows.


Sebagaimana diukur oleh nilai keseluruhan Aplikasi PC Mark 10 Prosesor Intel® Core™ vPro® i7-1185G7 Generasi ke-11 vs Prosesor Intel® Core™ vPro® i7-8650U Generasi ke-8.


Hampir 3x Lebih Cepat: 802.11ax 2x2 160 MHz memungkinkan kecepatan data teoretis maksimum 2402 Mbps, ~3X (2,8X) lebih cepat daripada 802.11ac 2x2 80 MHz (867 Mbps) standar yang didokumendasikan dalam spesifikasi standar nirkabel IEEE 802.11, dan memerlukan penggunaan router jaringan nirkabel 802.11ax dengan konfigurasi yang sama.


Fitur Keamanan Wi-Fi WPA3: Konsorsium industri Wi-Fi Alliance akan memberikan sertifikasi bahwa produk Wi-Fi 6 mematuhi standar IEEE 802.11ax, dan akan memerlukan sertifikasi keamanan WPA3 sebagai prasyarat untuk memastikan fitur keamanan Wi-Fi terbaru. Kata Sandi WPA3 yang Disederhanakan: WPA3 menggunakan Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE) sebagai pengganti protokol pertukaran Pre-Shared Key (PSK) yang digunakan oleh WPA2. SAE lebih aman dalam menangani pertukaran kunci awal dan menggunakan forward secrecy, sehingga lebih kuat terhadap serangan dekripsi offline dan menyediakan otentikasi berbasis kata sandi yang lebih kuat. Perlindungan WPA3 yang Disempurnakan: Perlindungan jaringan tambahan diperoleh dari kekuatan kriptografis yang setara dengan 192-bit di seluruh jaringan 802.11ax dan lebih baik dari enkripsi 128-bit AES yang digunakan dengan WPA2.


4X Kapasitas/Skalabilitas: Klaim ini didasarkan pada perbandingan kapasitas jaringan keseluruhan untuk jaringan yang berukuran serupa 802.11ax dan 802.11ac. Perubahan spesifikasi IEEE 802.11-14/0165r1 802.11ax menentukan modifikasi standar terhadap lapisan fisik IEEE 802.11 (PHY) dan lapisan Kontrol Akses Medium (MAC) IEEE 802.11 yang memungkinkan setidaknya satu mode operasi dapat mendukung setidaknya empat kali peningkatan dalam throughput rata-rata per stasiun (diukur di titik akses layanan data MAC) dalam skenario penyebaran yang rapat, serta mempertahankan dan meningkatkan efisiensi daya per stasiun. Untuk detail tambahan, kunjungi:


Sebagaimana diukur menggunakan Alur Kerja Produktivitas dan Kolaborasi Prosesor Intel® Core™ vPro® i7-1185G7 Generasi ke-11 vs Prosesor Intel® Core™ vPro® i7-8650U Generasi ke-8.